Welcome!Thank you for visiting out web site! Established in 1981 as a full-time log home company! Since that time, we have been involved in the construction of over Three Hundred Fifty (350) log homes. We pride ourselves in being your Log Home resource. When consulting and troubleshooting log home products, you can count on us for the straight answers. Being experienced based, we won't waste your time with the "shoulds" and "mights" of the log home industry. Here at the Log Home Center, we deal in the "Wills" and "Will Nots". Stepping into the world of Log Homes is the beginning of a great adventure. Our staff and I are here to provide you with the tools, material, knowledge and guidance to make this one of the best adventures of your life. If you are ever close to Noblesville, Indiana, don't forget to drop in and see us. We are looking forward to doing business with you. Thanks for dropping by! 

Kevin Huff & The LHC Crew