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Energy Seal

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Energy Seal Textured Log Caulk


Since it was introduced, Energy Seal has become one of the most popular members of our sealants. Energy Seal, was created specifically to seal milled or scribed log homes and around joinery such as butt-joints, trim and corners. One application makes any log wall completely weather-tight.

Energy Seal has excellent adhesion and stretch. It is long-lasting, UV-stable and chemical-resistant.

Unlike commonly used sealants which look shiny and artificial, Energy Seal is textured to match the visual characteristics of wood. It easily tools to a smooth, professional finish, virtually disappearing into the walls after it's applied. It softens the lines on log walls and accepts the color of wood finishes. In fact, Energy Seal so closely matches your walls, most people can't tell the seams are sealed.

Application can be done by the homeowner or a professional contractor. We stock a full line of application accessories or can refer a professional applicator in your area.

Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.

Features and Statistics

  • Highly Elastic
  • Eliminates Air and Water Infiltration
  • Remains Flexible to Allow for Log Movement
  • Very low VOC Formula
  • For Exterior and Interior
  • Lightly textured appearance
  • Soap Water Cleanup
  • MSDS
  • Product Label
  • Sealants Application Guide
Shelf Life
  • 1 Year
Application Temperature
  • 40° to 90°
Application Methods
  • Chink Pump
  • Bulk-loading gun and follow plate
  • Ratchet caulking gun
  • Application bag
Surface Preparation
  • Clean and dry
  • Backing material
  • Bond breaker tape on bare wood
  • As needed
Special Instructions
  • Apply to approximately 3/8" thickness
  • Avoid application in direct sunlight
Drying Time
  • Skins over in 1-2 hours
  • Cure in 2-8 weeks depending on temperature and humidity

(Note: 1 x 5 gallon pail = 20 x 30oz tubes = 55 x 11oz tubes)