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Log Builder® Sealant benefits include:
  • Ultra flexible and elastic – won’t crack or pull away
  • Tested and trusted by you – go-to product for log home manufacturers throughout the US
  • Water-based for easy application and clean-up
  • Freeze-thaw stable – OK to leave in your truck overnight

    Product Overview

    Log Builder sealant is specifically formulated to absorb most log movement.

    In the 1970s, log home owners everywhere were discovering that logs are in constant dynamic motion. They came to Sashco for help, and a few years later, Log Builder® sealant was born. It’s the sealant specifically formulated to absorb most log movement. For over 20 years, Log Builder® has been the trusted sealant included in many manufacturer’s log home kits and packages. Its superior elasticity creates a tight seal that keeps out water, dust, bugs, and wind.

    Learn how to use Log Builder® Sealant on your log home:

    Download Informational PDFs:
    • Log Builder Info Sheet
    • Keeping the Dream Alive – Sashco’s Complete Guide to Log and Wood Home Finishing and Maintenance

      Log Builder Sealant options:

      Available Sizes: 10.5 oz. cartridges, 29 oz. cartridges, 5 gal. pails

      Available Colors: Dark Brown, Tan, Woodtone