Consulting Services

Log Home Center & Supply offers a consulting service to individuals that are considering the construction of a new home.

We recognize that the log home industry can be very confusing to those that are trying to research log manufacturers, log builders and log home designs. Building your dream log home is a major investment and not a time to take any chances. We have been involved with the construction of over 350 new log homes during the past twenty three years. We have worked with many log manufactures and log styles during the course of constuction. Due to our past experience, we can help you select the best log manufacturer, log style, species of wood, drying technique, etc ......

We can take you from the basic design, all the way to the finished home; or anywhere in between. We have found from experience that most log manufacturers deal in "theory" but the actual building of a log home is based on "reality". We deal in reality!

Our services are broken down as follows:

    • Designing to meet your needs and budget
    • Selection of the best log manufacturer
    • Selection of the best log style and species
    • Costing out proposed log home
    • Selecting the best log home builder for your home
    • Advising what is needed to properly apply for financing
    • Care and maintenance for your new log home
    • Furnishings and decorating your new log home

To further discuss your needs, contacts us at:

Log Home Center & Supply 1-800-773-6223