Problem Solving

We are the problem solving experts!

With over twenty years in the log home construction and renovation industry, we have an extensive background in the field of log home problem solving. And we are talking about not just solving the problem itself, but also how to prevent problems from occurring to begin with.

Most log home problems, believe it or not, have a simple and economical way of being corrected. We have found that throwing money at a problem rarely solves the problem but does create a bit of expensive frustration.

Our Promise is , "If we don't have the answer to your questions, we will find the answer for you"!

*water & air leaks* carpenter bees*carpenter ants*rot*cleaning*water stains*peeling coating*mold*fungus*wood ingesting insects*wood boring insects*squirrels*snoakes*general repairs*etc*etc*

Don't let problems with you home make you crazy! Call Us.