carpenter bee trap
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Carpenter Bee Trap

Wood Bee Gone Carpenter Bee Trap

SALE! $28.95  regular price $34.95

A proven effective means of Carpenter Bee control and eradication!!! Handcrafted in USA with untreated pine lumber, which has been nailed and glued. Effectively eliminates carpenter wood bees and more and prevents damage to your home. Includes hanging chain, and glass catch jar. Bee trap has ½" holes in all four sides. Once in, the wood bees fly down into the jar (where there is most light) and are trapped. When catch jar is full, simply unscrew the jar and empty out the dead bees.

Carpenter Bee traps will help in the capture of damaging carpenter bees that are destroying your home and exterior wood. Place traps in the most active areas. The corners and peaks are a great location. Traps should be 4 to 6 inches lower than the eave above it and 20ft apart from other traps. Do not stain or oil traps.


* Manufacturer money back guarantee

* Safe alternative to chemicals 

* Effective 

* Sturdy but attractive 

* Reusable 

* Add 1 inch of soda and 5 drops of dish soap to attract and kill  hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets!!

* Veteran Made.

* Made in the U.S.A

* Wood Bee Gone Carpenter Bee Traps are Licensed under US  Pat. 8,375,624