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brand Perma-chink Systems
brand Permachink Systems
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Chink Paint

Textured Latex Paint for Perma-Chinkchink paint

Chink-Paint is an elastomeric, textured coating for renewing or changing the color of chinking. This makes it ideal for giving a facelift to your home by brightening the appearance of old, dirty chinking or altering the color of existing chinking.

Chink-Paint’s elasticity enables it to expand and contract with Perma-Chink or Energy Seal without cracking or peeling.

When restoring an older home, Chink-Paint can save time and money by eliminating the need to mask off the chinking before staining. Simply wait for the stain to dry and then apply a coat of Chink-Paint in whichever color you desire.

Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.

Features and Statistics

Shelf Life
  • 1 Year
Application Temperature
  • 40° to 90°
Application Methods
  • Brush
Surface Preparation
  • Clean and dry
  • As desired
Special Instructions
  • Apply one coat
  • Do not freeze
Drying Time
  • 30-60 minutes
Coverage Rate
  • 2" joint - 600 linear feet / gallon
  • 3" joint - 400 linear feet / gallon
  • 4" joint - 300 linear feet / gallon


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