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Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet

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* This axe is frequently on back order. Please call or email to check availability before placing order. UPDATE 12/2/2021 Our most current update from GB has indicated that the next shipment from Europe will arrive mid December. Dealers will not receive any new inventory until the end of December. We fulfill backorders in the order that they were received. Be prepared for extended wait times on all axes. Feel free to call for updated availability. Thanks! Kevin


Gränsfors Small Hatchet

The Gränsfors Small Hatchet is the lightest of all the axes from Gränsfors Bruk, making it perfect for hiking, when every kilo counts. The axe is excellent for limbing and splitting firewood, despite its diminutive size. The Small Hatchet was developed by Lennart Pettersson (LP), axe smith, knife smith and keen angler, who was looking to create a very light axe that still retained that axe feel. The slightly rounded poll functions like a ‘priest’ (used to hit fish over the head). Product info

Item no: 410 Length with handle: 26 cm (10”) Weight: 0,3 kg (0.7 lb) Sheath in vegetable-tanned leather