PeneTreat / Timbor Borate
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PeneTreat / Timbor Borate


PeneTreat benefits include:

  • Borate-based log home preservative protects against wood-ingesting insects and rot
  • Powder concentrate – easy to mix, environmentally friendly, safe for people, plants and pets
  • No glycols, same protection – penetrates as deeply as glycol-based borates, but dries faster, which means less wait time before stains can be applied to wood
  • Costs 5 times less than glycol-based borates
  • PeneTreat® is the inexpensive insurance every log home owner needs.

    Rot and beetles and termites – oh my! PeneTreat® is the inexpensive insurance every log and wood home owner needs. When sprayed or brushed on bare wood, this borate-based log home preservative forms a protective shell to defend against rot and wood-ingesting insects. It’s easy to use and EPA-registered. PeneTreat will not affect the color of wood and is chemically compatible with all of Sashco’s stain, caulking and chinking products. It costs five times less than its glycol-based counterparts, yet does not sacrifice protection.


    PeneTreat® is the inexpensive rot and insect infestation insurance for use on:

    • Exterior log and wood surfaces
    • Interior log and wood surfaces (optional)

    Do not use on:

* This product cannot be shipped to CA.