Prazi Beam Cutter PR7000 (worm drive)
brand Prazi
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Prazi Beam Cutter PR7000 (worm drive)

Prazi Beam Cutter (fits worm drive saws)

Convert Your Circular Saw into a Versatile, Labor Saving, Precision Tool that can...• Rip lumber up to 12" thick
Cut angles up to 45 degrees
Make One Pass cuts for beams, posts & logs for perfect matchups
Cut rafter pitch cutouts, miters, stringers, arches, log cuts, compound angles, bandsaw cuts, notched 6x12, panels
• and more...
Eliminate ugly over cut notches
Cut perfect splices with square cuts
Cut multiple stair jacks, rafters in One Pass
Cut cleanly through railroad ties

Fits Selected 7¼" and 8¼"
Worm Drive Saws

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