Veritas Tenon Cutters
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Veritas Tenon Cutters

Veritas® Power Tenon Cutters

Instruction Guide (303 KB, PDF)
Product Highlights:
Anodized aluminum body, designed to run vibration-free while being driven with electric drill, steel shank and high-carbon steel blade
Eight cutting diameters; sizes 5/8" to 1" cut 2-3/4" long tenons typically used in rustic furniture; sizes 1-1/4" to 2" cut 4-1/4" long tenons
All sizes have hex shanks; sizes 5/8" to 1" require 3/8" (or larger) chuck; sizes 1-1/4" to 2", which require more torque to drive, are for use in larger drills with 1/2" or larger chuck
Integral level vial
Blade is adjustable to cut exact tenon size required in both dry and green wood
Back end of blade is contoured to avoid anything extending beyond revolving body, increasing safety
Includes built-in honing guide for easy blade sharpening on drill-press mounted drum sander
Not for use in a drill press
Made in Canada
*Other sizes available including Veritas Micro cutters. Call to order.